About us

AYE-Kollections is an African-inspired online fashion boutique that aims to bring out the best designs from Africa with authentic African prints with a combination of tradition and modern couture.

Our inspiration comes from a mix of African fashion with a touch of Western styles to create a mix of both vintage and classic trends.

Our clothing flatters every body shape and type. We have a selection from everyday wear to glamorous outfits for large events. A mix of high quality and affordable clothing and accessories to satisfy the global appetite with the wealth from Africa.

AYE Collections clothing has skilled artisans in Ghana who bring our designs to life; this is our contribution to building a sustainable Ghana by using the talents and expertise on site and giving some tailors and seamstresses work in our own little way.

Our materials are carefully sourced in Ghana and all of our pieces are handcrafted and unique.

AYE Collections brings out the African in you. AYE KOLLECTIONS is not just a trend; we are here to stay!